Laughter and Tears - Ballad of the Broken Axe Mountain Reflections Upon Reading Laughter and Tears - Ballad of the Broken Axe Mountain
"Ballad of the Broken Axe Mountain"
Friday, 1 January, 2010

Today, New Year's Day, Bao-Meei and I went to May-Loo's house for dinner. On arriving, May-Loo handed a book to Bao-Meei. The title was Laughter and Tears a translation by Ben Wang of selected Kunqu Dramas. Since 1989, Mr. Wang has translated thirty-two classical Chinese Kunqu dramas into English. What is great about this book is that when you open it, Chinese text is on the left and English text is on the right. (It is also great that May-Loo had the book personally signed by the author to us.) After reading the second selection, "Ballad of the Broken Axe Mountain", I slowly had one realization, one question, and one suprise. And here they are:

  1. Realization: The act, Water Splashed, contain the Chinese metaphor 覆水难收(Fu Shui Nan Shou), spilt water can’t be gathered.
    See story -
    Spilt Water
  1. Question: From where does the name 爛柯山, Broken Axe Mountain, come?
    See story -
    Lanke Shan
  1. Suprise: I have been there, in 2008 CE, and have the pictures to prove it!
    See story -
    Map of Lanke Shan

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