Canoe Trip

Sunday, 31 August 2008

*** Dan, Coordinator ***

Getting There

Rosa and I live in Yonkers, NY, and we left at 0615 to canoe down the Nissequogue River from Smithtown, Long Island to Kings Park on Old Dock Road. After a stop in Flushing and taking the wrong exit, we arrived for breakfast at May-San's and Paul's house at around 0830. Lily and Khanh were already there and we all had a great breakfast on the patio out back. It was the start of a beautiful day.

The Sun and Tide Table

The sun rise was at 0619 and would set at 1926. The tide was low at 0604 and would be low again at 1827. We planned to catch the high tide at 1211 on "The Bull" end of the Nissequogue River. There is a two hour window to catch the flow, after high tide. We started too early, 1115, so paddled "up stream" for most of the trip.

The Start

We loaded a truck with three people and the car with three people and headed to the launch site in Smithtown, Paul T. Given County Park. There we dropped off the canoes and four people and Paul and I drove two vehicles to Kings Park and dropped off the car and we return with the truck to Launch Site. We luckly found a parking spot because the lot was almost full of cars from the canoers that were catching the low tide from Kings Park.

Team May-San and Paul

May-San and Paul, both still dry. Amazing! Paul would give us the name of the birds and flowers we would see.

Team Lily and Khanh

Lily and Khanh learned to paddle on this trip. They took turns in the front and back of the canoe. In the beginning, they fell behind but later we all paddled together

Lily and Khanh leasurely catching up.

Lily and Khanh back with the group.

Team Rosa and (Dan)

Rosa is house hunting. :-)

Lunch Stop

A Power Lunch in progress.

A Power Nap in progress.

A View of a bridge.

My left foot.

Khanh is fishing, May-San is sleeping, and Paul is Paddling.

The Wildlife

Someone heard lunch was being served.

Now that is what I call a Swan Dive!

An egret poised for a Swan Dive.

The Author's

Rosa and I are always ready to go canoeing, so give us a call.