Yale_SOM_Coat_of_Arms Yale School of Management - Commencement Yale_SOM_Coat_of_Arms
Monday, May 24, 2004

Management Guide Waiting
"Management Guide Waiting"

Graduates Entering Through Miller Gate
"Graduates Entering Through Miller Gate In Old Campus"

School of Forestry Grads
"School of Forestry Grads"

Grads With Swollen Heads
"Grads With Swollen Heads"

Flags and Grads
"Flags and Grads"

Lily Entering Old Campus
"Lily Entering Old Campus"

Lily Entering Old Campus Too
"Lily Entering Old Campus Too"

Management Grads Being Seated
"Management Grads Being Seated"

Flags Entering Old Campus
"Flags Entering Old Campus"

Flags On Big Screen
"Flags On Big Screen"

Lily Sara Horng Entering SOM
"Lily Sara Horng Entering SOM"

Dean Jeffrey Garten
"Dean Jeffrey Garten"

Student Address By Vicente Gerbasi
"Student Address By Vicente Gerbasi"

Commencement Address By Patrick Von Bargen
"Commencement Address By Patrick Von Bargen"

Yale Song Book
Bright College Years
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