Canoeing and Camping

Adirondacks - 2008

Sunday, 10 August 2008 - Saturday, 16 August 2008

*** Dan's Adirondack Story & Pictures ***
By Dan Sharkey


I was packed and ready to go by Saturday. Bridget (aka: Leaf) came early on Saturday and stayed overnight. This is the second year we starting from Rosa's new house in Yonkers, NY. Everyone else showed up at 6AM, two hours early! We stop for lunch at the usual rest stop on the Northway and then Rosa decided to drive to Canada!! We have been doing this for ten years and Rosa missed Exit 30 and drove to Exit 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38!!! I waited 1 hour at Exit 30 with Bridget and Casey. I then left them there under the overpass to drive to Exit 31 to see if they were there. The cell phone worked and I tried calling. That's when I found out they went to "Canada". I returned to Exit 30 to pick up the girls. The State Police were there, asking if they needed help. An hour later we joined up again at Exit 34 and drove to Floodwood Pond via Whiteface Mountain. We loaded the canoes and found a campsite, set up camp, cooked supper, collected campfire wood, paddled to Rollins Pond and back, had a campfire and into the sleeping bags by 11 PM.


The first day is a training day. After a little paddling instruction, I decide they are ready for a short trip and be back in camp for lunch. We paddled East on Floodwood Pond to Fish Creek.

We head South on Fish Creek to the Fish Creek Public Campground and Square Pond. There we went under our second auto bridge but it turns into an impassable bog so we turn around and find an empty campsite and put the canoes on wheels and wheel our way to Rollins Pond Public Campground. We make a stop at the restroom/showers on the way, pass thru a check-in gate and put in Rollins Pond

We paddle to Floodwood Pond thru the small stream we paddled up the day before. We then cooked lunch and spend the rest of the day/night paddling, swimming and hiking around camp. Theresa even discovered a "monster" that lived under a foot bridge.


One of the daily duties is to wash the dishes after each meal. Here we see the teamwork of washing, rinsing, drying, and stacking the cleaned dinner ware. I think I see a supervisor there too.

Now we are ready for a long trip. We paddle North on Floodwood Pond to where our car/truck are parked and put the canoes on wheels again. We then walk West on Floodwood Road to Long Pond. We paddle the length of Long Pond to the carry to Slang Pond.

We didn't use the wheels because the carry is short and has muck. It's fun walking thru the muck with sandals on.

We paddled to Turtle Pond, dragged the canoes through the culvert, under the railroad tracks, to Hoel Pond. With the wind to our backs, the paddle was easy to the South shore where we ate lunch and again used the canoe carts. We initially tried to use the carry trail but it was too rough so we used roads to get to Polliwog Pond. Then it's a short carry (drag) to Follensby Clear Pond and a paddle to the Fish Creek Carry. This is an additional carry but saves about an hours worth paddling. On Fish Creek we paddle back to Floodwood Pond

It seem I'm always taking pictures of the back of heads.

We saw this eagle the day before flying and now again he is back in his favorite tree.

We also practice our night canoe navigation.


We ate breakfast and went to town to shop for food for the rest of the week. We had pizza for lunch and then stopped at the fish hatchery on the way back to camp. Bridget left her camera at the lunch stop. I had taken a menu with the pizza shop's phone number on it. I gave it to Bridget and ask her to give them a call. They said they didn't find a camera. We started back to camp but I turned around to go back to pizza shop to get the camera. Just before we got there, they gave Bridget a call and said they found it. Good news!


On Thursday's we usually go for a hike all day instead of canoeing. Today we are going to climb Saint Regis Mountain, 3.3 miles each way and a thousand and some feet vertically.

It has rained every day since we got here on Sunday, mostly thunder showers. Today it doesn't rain but the trail is one long mud pie.

Here is a picture of Rosa at the top of St. Regis Mtn. That's St. Regis Pond off Rosa's left shoulder (with the islands). And, there is Lake Clear in the upper left of the picture.

This is the "I was there too" picture. That is Little Clear Pond at my right elbow and Upper Saranac Lake on the far right of the picture.

This is a picture of Alex who walked, crawled, and slid to the top of the mountain. His father carried his younger brother.

What do the young climbers do when they get to the top of the scenic mountain? They play cards, of course.

It took three hours to climb (for the oldtimers) and it would take only two hours to climb down (for the youngtimers).

We would arrive three card games after the kids got back to the start. Here is a sample "Foot Trail" Marker.


Today we have a "short" paddle to Rock Pond. We paddle to Rollins Pond again and "carry" the canoes through the tunnel to the stream leading to Rock Pond.

We regroup after the "carry" and head North. I would say it was an uneventful trip except Casey fell into the water going in and her mother fell in coming out while crossing a beaver dam. No pictures but Casey's three years of ballet made her fall pretty. (But, she needs a little work on her hand positioning.)

One day maybe these tracks will see traffic again.

After lunch at Rock Pond, it was back to camp before the thunderstorms. We went swimming and used the water cannons.

This is a picture of the tents Rosa and Theresa slept in.

I found this beaver lodge while looking for firewood for our last evening campfire. It looked so peaceful and cozy, for a beaver.

Saturday (Going Home)

I'm up at 6:30 AM in a "deep depression", knowing we have to pack to go home. I get everyone up at 7 AM and we pack and have breakfast which includes corn-on-the-cob and Pringles. Every tent and hammock is wet. I'll be spending Sunday and Monday drying things out. We are slow packing because we know Mountain Mist doesn't open until 11:30 and we don't want to miss this ice cream stop.

Jonathan and Charles were sleeping before we hit the Northway. It took we a week to wear them out but I finally did it.

We stopped in Albany for pizza at
Paesan's Pizza and Restaurant,
289 Ontario St.,
Albany, NY 12203.
I'm posting the address because the pizza is sooooo good. The owner recognized "us" even though we only stop by once a year.

We made it to Rosa's and my home by 1900. And, the card game continues.